A must! Leave at 9:30 am or 2:30 p.m. for a cruise to the creeks of Cassis and Marseille , a classified French natural heritage.


A sail along the coast  of Var and Bouches du Rhône , you will penetrate deepth of each creeks of Cassis, true natural harbors already known in ancient times to have offered safe shelters to the Romans. The cruise in this beautiful national park are commented live by the captain.

Here are the different tours that Atlantis offers:

The cruise of the 7 creeks of Cassis and Marseille

Going until the beginning of the creeks of MARSEILLE will allow you to be sensitize with a preserved ecosystem.

The cruise of the 13 creeks of Cassis and Marseille

Which will reveal the essence of the two massifs (Cassis and Marseille), extending the walk to the creek of Sormiou. Thanks to this tour you will discover, in addition to our natural heritage, the famous sheds of Marseillais.

The cruise of the 16 creeks of Cassis and Marseille

Which will emerge in the Bay of Marseille, from where you can admire the archipelago of Friuli, the island of Chateau d’If and the city of Marseilles where the “Good Mother” (church “guardian” of Marseille) cares over its people. Hence none of the creeks will be unknown to you and it is an exclusiveness of Atlantide.

the creeks of cassis

the creeks of cassis

Prices 2019

An ID card is from NOW ON COMPULSORY to go on board.

  • 7 creeks
    Adults : 28€ – Children* : 18€
  • 13 creeks
    Adults : 33€ – Children* : 23€
  • 16 creeks
    Adults : 36€ – Children* : 26€

*Children from 4 to 12 years old. For children under 4 it’s free.