Atlantide1 is 25 m long and 10 m wide, it has a capacity of 198 passengers in transport and 120 passengers in restoration. Equipped with 2 engines of 1000 hpAtlantide1, flagship of our fleet is unique on the coast with its comfort and speed: 28 knots (50 km / h). Moreover, its shallow draft allows it to access the deeper creeks.

Services: bar, underwater vision, upper sun deck, kitchen (for groups only)



Atlantide2 was designed with the concern of energy saving and disabled people’s access. Its sunroof system give the pleasure ti have a very open boat and if necessary, the protection of a ship cabin. In addition, this boat was designed to minimize its acoustic signature and this to minimize the maximum noise at the approach and the whale watching.
19.50 m long and powered by two 600 hp engines, this vessel is therefore part of a sustainable development approach and will embark 98 passengers.


Semi-rigid boats

Discover our semi-rigid to break with conventional boat trips! With our Capelli explore safely the creeks differently, or  head out south for an amazing encounter with the wide wildlife. For these ships, special care has been taken for the passengers comfort as well as his safety.

New sensations and unforgettable memories will be waiting for you !!



This 8-meter vessel can carry 10 passengers safely for scuba diving dry. This is the ambassador of the underwater world: Trimaran semi-submersible observation of variable buoyancy, it allows the public to discover the underwater life.